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Like every other state, Utah requires that parents financially support their children. Cases involving child support can stem from divorce, legal separation, the establishment of paternity for unmarried fathers,  or in cases of child welfare. Financial support is required for the raising and well-being of children until they reach the age of 18 or complete high school. Child support is considered the right of the child and not based on the desires of the parents. It may be continued past the age of 18 or high school completion when a child is disabled and dependent. It may also be terminated if a child becomes emancipated. 

You may have questions or concerns about how child support is calculated, how to modify support payments, or how to enforce child support when an obligated parent becomes delinquent or refuses to pay. At Solon Law, we can help you address any of these issues. Our Salt Lake City child support attorney has handled all types of child support issues over his many years in Utah family law practice. We focus on giving you the highest level of client service based on your needs and objectives. 

Child Support in Utah

Child support is generally paid to the “custodial” parent by the “noncustodial” parent. The custodial parent is the parent that has primary custody of the child or with whom the child spends the most amount of time. 

The state of Utah provides child support guidelines under its Utah Child Support Act. This is a complex formula that is used to calculate the support payment. General factors for this calculation are parental income, the number of children needing support, custody arrangements, and more. Both parents’ incomes are determined after which a base combined child support obligation table is used to establish the payment. Our attorney can assist you in using the formula to calculate your payment amount. 

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Deviations from State Guidelines

When the payment calculated is unfair to a parent or child, you can request the court to review it. Courts can deviate from the guidelines after considering many factors, such as the paying parent’s ability to pay, the receiving parent’s ability to bring in income, whether a parent provides support for others, and more. 


Parents can request modifications to child support payments when they have experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as a job loss, change in custody, or other change, or when three years or more have passed since the last order was issued. 

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Child support can be a complicated matter. Family law attorney Trevor Casperson can help you calculate your support payment or challenge the calculated amount before the court when it is unfair. Our firm has years of experience in resolving child-related family law matters for parents in our area. 

Need to seek a fair child support payment, modify one, or enforce payment? Discuss your needs with our Salt Lake City child support attorney in a free initial consultation at Solon Law. You can reach us online or by calling (801) 770-0073. Hablamos español.

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