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Nikki Nicholaou

Associate Attorney

Talk to our attorney Nikki Nicholaou and you will come to one certain conclusion: she is a real person. She understands that coming to our firm means a client is feeling troubled, and this client needs serious support. She emphasizes and listens to her clients like any normal person. She just happens to know and love family law like the back of her hand.

Nikki is here to guide clients to a place where they understand the big picture of their case, receive realistic expectations, and can rely on unfettered communication.

Hailing from the sunshine state, Nikki graduated from Florida State University. She traded the ocean for the mountains when she received her Juris Doctor from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado in 2021. She has been practicing family law since. When she is not zealously advocating for her clients, she likes to retreat into poetry, the mountains, and eating anything Greek.