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When you’re embroiled in a bitter divorce and you’re concerned about losing time with your children, you need a good child custody lawyer in Salt Lake City. Trevor Casperson of Solon Law has many years of experience settling and litigating child custody disputes. He works to help you achieve a fair child custody schedule.

Fighting Over Child Support Money

Parents argue over child custody for many reasons throughout Salt Lake County, and one of these is money. The number of overnights each parent gets affects child support calculations. Generally speaking, the more overnights a noncustodial parent has, the less child support they pay. That’s because they are participating more in the care and raising of the child. One parent may oppose the other’s desire to have more overnights because they would receive less child support, while the other parent may fight for more time so that they don’t have to pay as much child support.

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse is acting out of a desire to keep more money, our child custody lawyer in Salt Lake County, Trevor Casperson, can help you expose their motivation to reach a more reasonable settlement.

Legitimate Concerns Over Care

Another reason divorcing couples in Salt Lake County fight over custody is because they doubt the other parent’s ability to parent well. Whether the reason for the objection to time spent with the other parent is mental or physical disability, substance/drug abuse, general incompetence or another reason, the protesting parent wants their concerns heard.

What Are Father's Parental Rights in Utah?

A father in Utah has the right to pursue child custody and visitation rights of their child and also make decisions regarding their children. These child custody laws are applied to the parent's marriage or not, but a father may have to fight for his children, especially in a divorce case.

Child custody cases could take months of Control, Anger & Bitterness

Sometimes, however, concerns are not legitimate and are lodged by one parent against the other in an attempt to harass, control, intimidate or otherwise bully the other parent into giving in. This is never OK, but unfortunately it is not uncommon.

One reason Trevor Casperson is known as a top child custody lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah, is because he is so well-versed in these family law matters. He can easily spot those with ulterior motives, and he works hard to prevent them from triumphing.

Family Attorney in Salt Lake City County, Utah

For divorce and child custody matters, rely on the legal services of Trevor Casperson of Solon Law. Trevor is a well-known child custody lawyer in Salt Lake City County, and he can help you with your family law case.

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