Experienced Utah Divorce Attorney Explains the Basics on Alimony

Planning on ending your marriage? If you have concerns about alimony, talking to an experienced divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, is in your best interests.

Alimony, also known as court-ordered spousal support, is often a point of contention in divorce proceedings. A qualified local divorce attorney can provide you with expert advice regarding to your specific situation, and most – including Trevor Casperson at Solon Law – offer free consultations. But for the time being, reading the following will help you understand the basics on alimony in Utah divorce cases.

Who Can Get Alimony in Utah?

Alimony is gender-neutral in the state of Utah, and a divorce attorney can assist either party in requesting that the court award spousal support. But, the spouse seeking alimony must demonstrate a need for financial assistance to maintain the marital standard of living. And, of course, the other party must have the ability to pay.

What Guides the Decision on Alimony?

Unlike lawyers in some other states, divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City cannot rely on a fixed formula to calculate the amount and duration of alimony payments. Utah divorce courts determine this on a case-by-case basis. Several factors play into the decision, including the incomes, financial resources and obligations of both parties, the length of the relationship and relative fault in the breakdown of the marriage.

How Long Does Alimony Last?

In some Utah divorce cases, alimony is temporary, lasting only for the duration of the legal proceedings or until the recipient is in a better financial position. In others, spousal support is ordered for a period of time equal to the length of the marriage. Judges rarely award permanent alimony, and typically only consider it when one party is unable to become financially self-sufficient due to a disability or medical condition.

Can Alimony Be Modified in Utah?

In the event of a substantial change in financial circumstances – such as involuntary unemployment – either party can petition the Utah divorce courts for a modification of the spousal support plan. Or, if the change is a mutually agreed-upon decision, a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City can create a stipulation for both parties to sign.

Does Cohabitation Terminate Alimony?

If the party receiving alimony payments moves in with someone, the spousal support plan doesn’t necessarily end. The paying spouse must prove the cohabitation to the satisfaction of the divorce courts – and that the relationship is intimate, that is, more than just roommates. Without an experienced Utah divorce attorney, terminating a support plan on the basis cohabitation can be quite difficult.

Do You Have Other Questions?

If your marriage is ending and you have questions about alimony, you’d be wise to consult with an experienced divorce attorney – like Trevor Casperson at Solon Law in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The state laws surrounding spousal support are complex, and you need an expert to protect your rights and ensure that the alimony terms of your divorce decree meet your needs. For answers to your questions about alimony and all other issues related to family law, look no further than Solon Law. For a free consultation with a highly skilled and experienced divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, contact our office today.

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