Infidelity Resources and Thoughts on Post Nuptial Agreements

If your partner has not been faithful to you or if you have not been faithful to your spouse, you may be wondering if it is even possible to keep the marriage together and make it healthy again.

It depends. If both spouses are willing to try to work it out, it is possible. We know this because some couples have successfully navigated this process. 

Where do I turn?

Below, you will find a small list of resources that may aid you in this very difficult situation. This is not an exhaustive list, but can be a starting place if you don’t know where to turn. 

For wives of unfaithful husbands, sign up for a free account on Bloom for Women. There are many free courses on how to navigate and overcome betrayal trauma.

You can also read the blog on Partner Hope.This blog can help women and men who have been betrayed. 

The Betrayed, the Addicted and the Expert podcast may also be helpful to you. It has three perspectives on the issue: a former sex addict, a former betrayed partner and a qualified therapist. They discuss many aspects of recovery and relationship rebuilding. 

There are several specialized therapists and clinics in Utah. Here are a couple places you can start with to see if they might be a good fit for you. 

Namaste Center for Healing

Therapy Utah

Whether or not the marriage is ending or surviving, counseling is encouraged. 

What if it is not working?

Perhaps you do not want to try to work it out with your spouse because you have been too deeply hurt. That is ok. Everyone’s situation and relationship is very unique and only you can make those decisions. Maybe you have already tried to salvage the marriage and it is just not working. In these situations, reach out to an experienced family law attorney. This does not have to be the end of a happy life for you. Find the best solution possible for your individual situation. 

If you decide to give your broken marriage a shot, you may want to look into getting a postnuptial agreement. Postnuptial agreement is a legal document very similar to a prenuptial agreement except that it is used for couples who are already married. Such an agreement could set up certain conditions in the event that your marriage fails. These could include terms of divorce, including a custody arrangement, property division and alimony. If your spouse agrees to the terms and signs the agreement and does follow through, that is one way to build back up some trust in your marriage. However, if they sign to the agreement and do not live up to the terms you have set, it will make the divorce process much easier on you. Your divorce process will go much smoother, and you will save a lot of money. 

An experienced family law attorney is critical in drafting a postnuptial agreement because they can let you know whether something is enforceable, or whether something is fair. 

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