Do I Need An Attorney?

If you are experiencing legal problems, you may be asking yourself whether you need an attorney. You are likely worried about cost. Whether to hire an attorney typically comes down to a cost/benefit analysis. Keep in mind that sometimes the cost is more than simply money. This article will go over a variety of legal issues, from civil to criminal, to help you decide whether you should hire an attorney.


Civil cases are almost always about money, or what we call damages. Divorces and custody have other issues, but they are also lumped into civil cases, and we will put them aside for now. For civil cases, whether you should hire an attorney depends largely on how much you’re suing for. If you are suing your car repair shop for damaging your tires, you will likely spend more money on an attorney than you would be entitled to in the first place. If the cost is significant enough, you will almost always be better off hiring an attorney than not. Although some issues are more complex than others, you will save more in time and opportunity cost by hiring an attorney.

For divorce and custody, you will need an attorney even where there is little value. The issues surrounding property division and child custody are so convoluted and the free forms available are not very helpful. Often, you will be giving more or getting less than you should, or consenting to something that doesn’t need to be consented to. At Solon Law, we offer services to help you make sure your documents are on point.

So if you’re considering a civil suit, first consider how much is at stake and weigh it against how much time you will spend doing it on your own, then weigh it against the cost of an experienced attorney.


Unlike in civil cases, everyone has a right to an attorney in criminal matters. Public defenders are available for people who cannot afford an attorney. If you are in the position where you do not qualify for a public defender, you will have to run a cost benefit analysis once more.

In some cases, it won’t be worth hiring an attorney. If you received a no insurance ticket for instance, the cost you will incur to settle the matter will likely be as much as it costs to hire the attorney in the first place. In Utah, speeding tickets are misdemeanors, and do carry the possible penalty of jail time. Just the thought of jail may make you wonder if you need an attorney. The risk of jail on a speeding ticket will depend on your criminal history.

Aside from traffic offenses, you should strongly consider hiring an attorney. You may not be able to afford an attorney even if you don’t qualify. If you’re wondering what to do on your own, you should see this article. Also note that Solon Law offers payment plans to help you get the representation you need.

Keep in mind that if you are facing a violent charge, a controlled substance charge, or a theft charge, these can be enhanceable to more serious crimes in the future. You should hire an attorney in these cases.


Attorneys are expensive because they have trained for years in their craft. They are generally talented in negotiation and are already knowledgeable in various issues in the law. Although you may be able to do the job and succeed, it will come at the expense of significant expenditures of time. You hire an attorney for their knowledge, expertise, and to save yourself some time.

We at Solon law pride ourselves on flexible pricing options so that you can see your matter through to the end. Give us a call now!

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